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Who's Who at Holton le Clay Schools?


                    HOLTON LE CLAY INFANT SCHOOL

                    STAFFING STRUCTURE

                     As at from 1st September 2021


Mrs D Hunt: Executive Headteacher

Mr S Leeman: Deputy Headteacher, Class Teacher

Mrs K Clifford: Class Teacher

Mrs A Ardern : Class Teacher

Mrs M Brumby: Class Teacher

Mrs E Bell: Class Teacher

Mrs L Jones: Class Teacher


Teaching Assistants

Miss D Hill: Teaching Assistant 

Mrs S Turner: Teaching Assistant 

Mrs H Wells: Teaching Assistant 

Mrs O Ayres: Teaching Assistant 

Mrs R Hutchinson: Teaching Assistant 




Office Staff

Mrs S Ellerby: School Business Manager

                       Clerk to Governing Board

Mrs C Gidlow: Administration Assistant


Support Staff

Mrs V Downing: Midday Controller

Mr F Fenwick: Midday Supervisory Assistant

Mrs E Franklin: Midday Supervisory Assistant







                     HOLTON LE CLAY JUNIOR SCHOOL

                     STAFFING STRUCTURE

                     As at from 1st September 2021


Mrs D Hunt: Executive Headteacher

Ms K Grantham: Deputy Headteacher, Class Teacher 

Miss A Abul-Hawa: Class Teacher

Mrs H Philpot: Class Teacher

Miss M Walmsley: Class Teacher 

Mr J Grantham:  Class Teacher

Mrs K Salter:  Class Teacher


Teaching Assistants

Mrs A Reavill: Teaching Assistant

Mrs J Collinson: Teaching Assistant 

Mrs N Thornley: Teaching Assistant

Mrs A Hooley: Teaching Assistant

Mrs J Pearce: Teaching Assistant

Mrs C Carr: Teaching Assistant

Mrs S Akrill: Teaching Assistant


Office Staff

Mrs K Shearer: School Business Manager

Mrs J Pearce: Admin Assistant

Mrs V Price: Admin Assistant

Mrs S Ellerby: Clerk to the Governing Board


Support Staff

Mr C Salter: Caretaker

Mrs Downing: Cleaner

Mrs C Hughes: Midday Controller

Mrs A Massen: Midday Supervisory Assistant

Mrs A Hooley: Midday Supervisory Assistant

Mrs N Thornley: Midday Supervisory Assistant